Installing SML/NJ

By Brandon Wu, May 2020

Installing SML/NJ on AFS

To set up your SML/NJ environment on the Andrew File System (AFS), first you will need to log in to AFS.

You can do this by executing the command ssh <andrew_id>

You can do this from a terminal very straightforwardly on a Mac. If you are on a Windows machine, you may need to use an application such as Visual Studio Code or MobaXTerm to access a terminal.

Once you are in AFS, execute the command /afs/andrew/course/15/150/bin/setup-path

Once the script has finished running, type in the command that it tells you to. It should look something like . '/afs/<andrew_id>/.bashrc

IMPORTANT: Do not forget the . at the beginning! This will cause the script to not work.

After finishing this, you should be able to type in smlnj from the command line and access the SML/NJ REPL.